JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 6 No. 1, 2023) THE EFFECTS OF NIGERIA'S CIVIL WAR ON NIGERIA-U.S.A FOREIGN RELATIONS, 1967-1970 Dan O. Chukwu, PhD & Stanley Okwara


This paper re-examines the effects the Nigeria’s civil war had on the Nigeria-U.S.A foreign relations from 1967 to 1970 when the war ended, It critically analyses the political, social and economic effects of the war on the diplomatic relations between the Federal Military government, Biafra and the United States of America. Even though the U.S.A did not take any sides in the war, certain humanitarian efforts championed by Igbo students in the U.S.A, churches, International Red Cross, Caritas and other humanitarian groups compelled United States of American politicians to intervene by providing official humanitarian corridor to bring in relief materials to circumvent the naval blockade of Biafra land to avoid genocidal starvation of the war torn areas. This work looks at the political, social and economic effects of the civil war on the Nigeria-U.S.A relations within this period.

Keywords: Genocide, Humanitarian aid, Opacity, Pierson Report, Mcarthy, Nixon, Ojukwu, Gowon

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