JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 6 No. 1, 2023) EDUCATION MANAGEMENT, DIGITAL SYSTEMS, ETHICS AND LEGAL VALUES AS MEASURES FOR STANDARDIZING AFRICAN RELIGIO - CULTURAL PRACTICES Caroline Onyinye Nweke; Grace Obiageli Otiji, Ph.D; Larry Chidera Okoh; Rosemary Ngozi Okolo, Ph.D & Emmanuel Ikenna Okafor, Ph.D


The world is rapidly resorting to good and sound education management, and digital systems, but in most African traditional religious and cultural settings, it apparently appears very difficult to join the fast growing education and digital expositions. It has been ascertained from some traditionalists that such expositions, unveil in depth secrets of sensitive traditional religious and cultural practices because this young generation lack respect to ethics and legal cautions in traditional African indigenous practices. The paper views utilization of digital electronic systems as dangerous obstacles challenging the possibility of African religious and cultural practices assuming a world class standard that could equal Africa with or above other countries of the globe. The paper finds out that there is a dare need to take African religious and cultural practices to the digital world through a sophisticated education management and planning. The study aims at advancing African cultural practices to a global standard with a well preserved dignity to the ethics and legality of African identity. It is recommended that Africans should portray the good image of their cultural identity to join the world in fighting for cultural growth and expression. The study applied historical and comparative approaches. Data were got from primary and secondary sources. Data collected were analyzed with phenomenological method of data analysis.

Keywords: Digital Systems, Ethics and Legality, African Religious, cultural practices ,education management

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