JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 3, 2022) THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN THE ACADEMIA AND ELECTORAL FRAUD IN NIGERIA: A HISTO - RELIGIOUS APPRAISAL Chinedu Emmanuel Nnatuanya, PhD


The Nigeria electoral process since the return to democratic rule in 1999 has been characterized with various fraud which has made it difficult for people to experience dividends of democracy. What is obviously seen are litanies of mismanagement of public resource, infrastructural collapse, insecurity and increase in unemployment rate among the people. In the midst of these numerous challenges, it is observed that the academia is one of the catalysts responsible for the perpetration of these vices that rendered Nigeria impotent. This is because in many cases, the academia are usually the returning officers, supervisors and many other electoral officers who due to financial inducement manipulate the process thereby derailing the development of the nation. The resultant effect is the leadership failures that are being experience in Nigeria today. This is because most beneficiary of electoral fraud are mostly incompetent people that are not prepared for leadership but are aspiring the leadership post for the sake of wealth, fame and social status among others Regardless of all the challenges, it is obvious that the involvement of academia in the electoral process has brought integrity to the election; however, much improvement need so as to redeem our society for good.

Keywords: Election, Politics, democracy, Academia, Religion

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