JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 2, 2022) CHILD HAWKING: FATE OF THE NIGERIAN CHILD IN CONTEMPORARY TIME Salisu Ishaq Jibril, PhD; Auwal Abdullahi & Hosea Nakina Martins


Child hawking is one of the dreadful, dehumanizing rising phenomena that has battered image of the Nigerian child in contemporary time. The aim of the paper is to reawaken the consciousness of relevant authorities on the need to safeguard the moral integrity of the Nigerian from the perils of hawking. The paper made use of prescriptive, descriptive and analytic methods. Data were assembled through interviews and consultation of relevant books. The research discovered that, the Nigeria Child is at risk of being exposed to related dangers like rape, hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, stigma, hunger, lack of education, degeneration of spiritual life, unwanted pregnancies, contact with venereal diseases like HIV/ AIDS, initiation into cultism, prostitution and host of other problems. The paper recommends that, Government, religious as well traditional rulers should join hands in condemning child hawking in its totality. Punitive measures should also be put in place for culprits in order to protect the right of child from being abused. Government should concentrate in providing adequate basic amenities in order to curtailed the influx of rural dwellers into the urban to hawk with their children. People should learn to be their brother's keeper. Security agents should be well informed to be vigilante at various check points on those trafficking children, other states with the pretense of taking them to school.

Keywords: Child, Hawking, Fate, Contemporary, Nigeria

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