JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 2, 2022) NIGERIAN PERSPECTIVE OF AFRICAN PRACTICING CHRISTIANS PARTICIPATION IN POLITICS Chukwuemeka Iloanya, PhD & Innocent Ogbonna Nweke, PhD


Many practicing Christians especially in this part of the world see participation in politics as a sin or an abomination rather than seeing it as a responsibility that every good practicing Christian needs to fulfill for the betterment of mankind generally and Christians in particular. Here in Nigeria many strong practicing Christians see politics as a worldly thing; a business that is very dirty, alas, all their civic rights are being denied, even their freedom of worship and their right to life and perpetration of every other ill in the society against them and rest of the citizenry. Their apathy towards politics is based on their ignorance of the distinction between liberal theology and liberation theology. Presently, another opportunity has been provided for Christians to right this anomaly by 2023 here in Nigeria. It is in lieu of this latest opportunity that the researcher wishes to explore on the title 'Christians in Nigerian Politics'. In other to prove that it is neither a sin nor abomination for one to participate in the governance, in as much as, it will lead to the glory of God and salvation of mankind starting here on earth (earthly paradise); as the bible made it clear to us in both the books of Apostles Peter and Paul that every government is ordained by God. In other to execute this task the researcher will apply both analytic and expository methods in order to substantiate his beliefs and opinions why practicing Christians must not shy away from politics; rather embracing and seeing it as their own contributions and continuation of Christ safivic mission which was started from Calvary for the good of mankind.

Keywords: Christian, personality, politics, political participation, liberal theology, liberation theology

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