JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 2, 2022) FOSTERING THE AFRICAN VALUE OF HOSPITALITY THROUGH THE NEW MEDIA: ETHICAL PERSPECTIVES Mark Omorovie Ikeke, PhD


African Hospitality which is one of the most vibrant forms of orality is currently challenged by violent and predatory forces from the new media. African hospitality is shown in the form of the presentation of kola nuts, welcoming, and habitation of strangers, sharing of meals, telling of stories at moonlight, communal festivities, and so forth. The new media has produced a great deal of good but some aspects of it have also been used by antihuman forces to create terrorist attacks, violent behaviours, illicit sexual predation, pornographic images, rugged individualism, internet fraud, and cybercrimes. The new media and creative industries in their electronic forms create an interactive community and ondemand content on the go which can foster wrong examples. The new media is filled with reports of persons who have committed terrorist attacks and violent crimes as a result of influences from the internet. Some on-demand content dehumanizes the human person. Amid all these Africans through their orality especially hospitality can help re-direct online conversations to promote humanism and hospitality to persons and groups met online. This can be a vital way for Africa to contribute to the new media. The critical method is used here to interpret the value of hospitality and how it can be promoted through the new media to enhance healthy and ethical flourishing. The paper finds and concludes that African hospitality can help to curb and abate some antisocial behaviours coming from the new media.

Keywords: Orality, New Media, Religions, Ethics, Creative Industries

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