JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 1, 2022) CRITIQUE OF ABIGIAL’S INTERVENTION: 1 SAMUEL25:23-35 FOR SOCIAL RELIGIOUS DEVELOPMENT IN IDUMUJE –UGBOKO DELTA STATE Okoh, Ejime Samuel & Ugwueye, Luke Emeka


The need for peace intervention in Idumuje Ugboko Delta state, Nigeria as a typical example cannot be over emphasized in the current dispensation. Without peace, community development will be impossible, even individuals, families and entire Delta state will lack development. Women from ages past have been agents of peace intervention by nature and do accomplish great feats through their innate communication skills, conflict resolution and feminist acts as demonstrate in their different endeavours. Abigail the focus of the research was not different. The narrative teaches that women of Idumuje Ugboko can be proactive and turn into peace makers and workers who can bring peace in their society in time of crisis in their homes or organization. Abigail’s peace initiative can provide, in concrete ways solutions to the crisis that has for long ravaged Idumuje Ugboko in Aniocha North local government area of Delta State, thereby enhancing social religious development in the area and the entire Delta State. Very many peace moves to reconcile the warring parties have not yielded much success, Biblical solutions especially Abigail passage for the crisis has not been sought, hence the focal point of the research. It is believed that Abigail’s theological stand point can be deployed by Delta state Idumuje Ugboko women to achieve peace in the community and the state, more so as they are Christians that believe that the Bible contains prescriptions for practical livings. It is discovered that Abigail communicative expertise, timely intervention, humility, hospitality, fear of God and peace making are appropriate theological tools for Idumuje-Ugboko Christian women for resolving age long crisis in the area. It is discovered that Biblical peace, Christian peace unlike like other types of peace making, touches, provokes and stimulate the heart for tolerance and forgiveness where there is persistent crisis such as area under study.

Keywords: Abigial’sIntervention, Social, Religious, Development, Idumuje-Ugboko

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