JASSD - Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development (Vol. 5 No. 1, 2022) THE RESPONSE OF THE CHURCH TO THE DECLINING OF HER YOUTH: THE ANGLICAN PERSPECTIVE Ekenedilichukwu A. Okolo & Nwankwor, Joseph Chukwuemerie


In our cosmological setting, no one assumes the nomenclature “parent” without having a child or children he/she is parenting. More so, every parent is interested in the wellbeing of his/her children with the view of his/her better tomorrow. This implies that the health and wealth of a parent at the old age can be assessed by how impacting he/she is to the children. A negligent of the parental care to a child because of the child’s wrong behaviour cannot hold water because a failure in his/her (parent) primary duties will certainly be met with repercussion or adverse effect. This is not different from the church. The steady movement of our youths from our churches has been of a great concern because the future of the church is hanging on the youths and our negligence in giving it the needed attention will invariably be showing our churches their way to oblivion and extinction. Hence this work is to suggest way forward in arresting the already noted youth exodus in our churches. This work will adopt a phenomenological approach in its study and will be guided by the theory of causality (cause and effect). This is because the work discovered that the youth exodus from our churches is the effect of a cause. The work therefore recommends that in order to reduce this exodus, our churches must incorporate contemporary stratagems to the youth ministry in establishing the growth of youths. The elders have a role to be flexible and adjust to the ever changing needs of the youths through updating and matching the youth energy and vitality while avoiding old models. The youth must be involved actively and participate responsibly in the work, life and mission of the church.

Keywords: Investigation, Youth, Exodus, Anglican Churches, Way forward

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